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Experience the difference of being serviced by All Shutters & Blinds and transform the spaces you live in with beauty and functionality. We are experts in the industry and have an eye for design, and understand modern and classic styles. With a wide range of outdoor shading solutions and interior window coverings, we are the go-to provider of custom products for homeowners across Australia. We offer practical advice and a seamless experience from product design to installation, so you can feel confident in your decisions and the investment in your home.

We have three blade sizes – 64mm, 89mm and 114mm. The right blade size for your project will depend on the style you’re going for, the size of your windows and other factors. Large blades will give you more view when open, but small blades will provide a more traditional feel. The 89mm elliptical blade is consistently the most popular choice for homeowners.

Our blades also come in two types – elliptical and flat. The elliptical blade is the most modern and popular blade. Flat blades are the more classic, traditional style.
If you’re unsure about what you need, our design team can help you determine the right choice for your home.


We offer two types of frames in our shutters – L-frames and Z-frames.

Z-frames form the shape of the letter ‘Z’. They’re used for inside mounting, with part of the ‘Z’ sitting inside the window, while the other part creates a lip around it. The benefit of a Z-frame is that it ensures a clean frame around your window, preventing any light bleed.

An L-frame, as its name suggests, is designed in the shape of the letter ‘L’. There are two types of L-frames, which can be used to mount your shutter inside or outside. An externally mounted L-frame will project into the room further than an internal mount. An internal mounted L-frame will mount to the inside of your window recess, so it can be mounted flush against the wall, or even sit back from the wall at any desired depth.

Stiles are the upright, vertical sections of a shutter. There are four types of stiles in different sizes – a flat, beaded, rabbet and d mould. Flat stiles are the modern style while beaded is a more classic, traditional style. Rabbet and d-mould, on the other hand, are chosen to prevent light bleed where the panels meet to close in the middle.

Your choice of stiles will depend on the style of your home, and the other elements you choose for your window treatments.

Control rods all serve the same function – ensuring the blades rotate smoothly in tandem. However, we offer a plethora of styles to suit your individual design scheme and taste. Choose a traditional centre or an offset position for a classic look. A more modern approach is the almost invisible Clearview style, positioned at the back of the shutter, which offers an uninterrupted view.

Our design team can help you determine the right choice for your home. Get in touch today.


The first decision of any shutter design is what installation method to use. The functionality you need will usually dictate your choice, but in some cases, it is solely an aesthetic decision. Typical installation types include hinged, fixed, multi-fold, sliding, tier on tier and bay window.